We live in a society of material abundance and many people started realizing that it is better to donate and share their stuff instead of throwing them away. In Gothenburg people use Facebook groups or do it through different sharing initiatives, like the Bike Kitchen (Cykelköket) and the Solidarity Fridge (Solidariskt Kylskåp). Imagine now if there was one single multisharing platform for these people and initiatives to use. There are at least two ways to start contributing:

1 - work on the foodsaving tool (https://foodsaving.world) used by Solidarity Fridge (solikyl.se), by developing for ex. some basic social/communication features

2 - explore and adapt existing platforms, like Sharetribe (https://github.com/sharetribe/sharetribe), to become a sharing platform for the city of Gothenburg, and to integrate with sharing tools like the foodsaving tool.


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